Lawn Installations:Hydroseeding,Sodding,Drill Seeding, and Irrigation

The foundation of any landscaping concept is a lush, healthy lawn. Scott's Countryside Landscaping can provide you with the lawn that you want. We are experienced lawn installers and provide blends of seed that are tailored to our climate and your application. Whether it be a brand new installation, renovation of your old lawn, the creation of a sports field, a gorgeous stand of wild flowers, or erosion control of hillsides and construction, we have the means, materials, and experience to satisfy your lawn and seeding needs.


Hydroseeding is the process of applying seed, nutrients, and mulch in a mixture of water in correct proportions in a single process. Hydroseeding is our preferred method of seeding for the following reasons:

  1. Faster germination of seed due to proper water and nutrient mixture
  2. Mulch is more uniform than straw and contains no weed seed
  3. Sod quality results are possible in 3-4 weeks at half the cost of sod
  4. Superb erosion control without the expense or "thatch" of blankets and straw

Above is an actual lawn we hydroseeded 3 weeks earlier. You can definitely see that the coverage is complete and the lawn is lush and thriving.


Sod is the fastest way to have an established lawn. It is also the most expensive. Scott's Countryside Landscaping pays extra attention to providing a finished grade for laying your sod and uses locally grown products to assure a healthy lawn in its proper climate.

Drill Seeding

Drill seeding is the standard for seeding. Drilling is superior to broadcast seeding due to its uniform seeding rate and incorporation into the soil. It is unaffected by wind and the "packing" effect of the drill ensures proper soil contact and resistence to erosion and birds.


A new service provided by Scott's Countryside Landscaping, we have the capability to provide your lawn with the ultimate maintenance item, an irrigation system. The results on your new seeding or shrub and flower beds will be astounding.